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Our staff includes a group of highly skilled dental professionals, under the leadership of Dr. Ronald Cade. With more than thirty years of experience, Dr. Cade is an extraordinary dentist as well as an experienced educator. He earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at the University of Pittsburgh. He then continued his training at Ohio State University where he specialized in the field of Prosthodontics. Dr. Cade is also a certified Implantologist.

Shortly after relocating to the city of Richmond, Virginia, Dr. Cade joined the faculty in the School of Dentistry at the Medical College of Virginia. A few years later, he vacated that position and established the Cade Dental Practice. Over the decades, Dr. Cade has not only treated countless patients, both young and old, but also continues to inspire others, both within and beyond the field of Dentistry.


Dr. Cade has been proudly serving the citizens of Richmond and surrounding areas for over 25 years and is happy to be a member of this community. Our patients range from the very youngest members of your families to seniors. With a focus is on a wide variety of treatments, we strive to build a strong foundation with each patient by initially providing a comprehensive exam that includes a complete dental assessment, and oral cancer screening. Dependent upon your particular needs, we then follow up with preventive care, cosmetic, restorative, and specialty and emergency care treatments designed to satisfy both your dental needs and esthetic tastes.

Your satisfaction remains our highest priority.

Preventive Care

Preparation is an important component for that reality. For that reason, we stress the importance of routine comprehensive examinations and professional cleanings. Good oral hygiene not only gives keeps your teeth clean and your breath fresh, but it also plays an important role as it relates to your general health. In fact, an unhealthy mouth can complicate such medical conditions as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke, just to name a few.

The American Dental Association recommends that teeth be cleaned professionally twice a year. In some cases more frequent cleanings are also advised. And, in most cases, dental insurances cover cleanings with no upfront cost from you, the patient! During your cleaning, your teeth are scaled in a relatively painless fashion to remove any dental tarter or plaque that may have accumulated between office visits.

Cosmetic Dentistry

"Beauty is power; a smile is its sword." ~John Ray

Even under the best of circumstances, you may find yourself in need of other dental services to treat an existing or new dental condition. In some cases, you may require treatment to improve the overall appearance of your mouth. The Cade Dental Practice is pleased to offer various types of cosmetic treatments, such as crowns (gold and porcelain), veneers, teeth whitening, implants, bridges, dentures, and partials, for any type of condition to enhance and recapture the strength of your smile and the confidence in your appearance.

Restorative Services

Cavities and fractured or chipped teeth are both common dental conditions in which The Cade Dental Practice specializes in treating while keeping our patients continued health in mind. Dr. Cade utilizes resin fillings, which are safe fillings designed to be virtually unnoticeable, rather than the metal fillings most dentists use. In some circumstances, there are more extensive procedures needed to restore a tooth. The Cade Dental Practice also provides root canal, post and core, and crown restorations which are the necessary procedures needed to save a tooth rather than extract it.

Specialty and Emergency Services

The Cade Dental Practice is also equipped to alleviate the pain resulting from Bruxism and Tempromandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ) if needed. Our gentle touch sedation is highly effective at calming the most anxious of patients. The daily schedule of The Cade Dental Practice is designed to accommodate any emergent need a patient may have. In most cases, we are able to schedule same day appointments to address the problems our patients may face.


Easy to Customize


Office visits are by appointment, and we encourage you to make yours in advance. Doing so will enable us to reserve a time especially for you, where you can ask questions, understand the treatment being administered and learn more about ways to capture or maintain your smile!
We can also make special arrangements for dental emergencies.
Should you need to change your scheduled appointment, please contact the office at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment. Failure to do so may result in your appointment in a same day cancellation fee or the cancellation of your appointment.

Ultra Responsive

Initial Visit

We recognize that a visit to the dentist can often become the source of stress. For that reason, our Practice has prided itself in being a relaxed, comforting, and patient focused office, where your worries can simply disappear. In preparation for your first visit please make sure that you provide the administrative staff with the following:

  • Listing of your current medications
  • An Officially recognized Photo Identification (i.e. Driver’s License etc)
  • Insurance card (if applicable)
  • Co-pay along if noted through your insurance plan
  • Save time by printing out and completing your new patient forms

Clean and Elegant Design

Payment Arrangements

We recognize the importance of making our services reasonable and affordable. There are multiple payment arrangements. We accept the following:

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Money Orders
  • Major Credit Cards
We also work with financial institutions that handle health care financing.

Free Updates and Support


The Cade Dental Practice participates with most major insurance plans, including the Virginia Medicaid Smiles for Children Program.
Should you have an insurance company with which we participate, we will submit your insurance claim to your company. Should your plan require a co-payment, this must be paid at the time of your office visit. The co-payment amounts are determined by the coverage information given to us by your insurance company and policy. We do our best to give you an estimation of those amounts based on that coverage information. In some cases, that information is affected by other policies on your plan which could either result in an additional payment or a refund.

I have always known that I needed to take care of my teeth but I’ve had a serious fear of dentists. However, when I first met Dr. Cade, he put me at ease immediately; he explained what he was going to do and even how he was going to do it. To tell you the truth, I never felt a minute of pain! Since that day, Dr. Cade has been my dentist. I can’t imagine going anyplace else, he is simply the best!

G. Berverly

Dr.Cade is nothing but the truth!! The dentures he made look like my real teeth and feel even better!

L. Jackson

I wouldn’t trust my teeth with anyone else. I have always had a great experience. Dr. Cade has a wonderful chairside manner and his staff are always pleasant and available to answer my questions.

A. Trent

The moment I set foot in his office, I knew I was in the right place. The Office itself reminds me a of a classy New Orleans place where the hospitality is great and the quality of service is even better. Not sure if it was the soothing music, the décor or simply Dr. Cade’s way of letting you know that you ha d finally arrived! But his work is so far ahead of that I have ever received and I actually enjoy visiting the dentist these days.

L. McFee

For years, I went to dentists all over the state, having work done on my mouth. I was always a little embarrassed about my teeth, but I never found a dentist that really made me look the way I wanted to look. I had just about given up when a friend told me about her dentist, Dr. Cade. I made an appointment and the rest is history. I smile all the time now.

W. Nelson


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